In AutoValzer, we offer our customers a unique experience of having access to customized products. Our “make to order’ production strategy allows customers get custom-tailored items per their special requirements.

Here is how we work.

*Processing can take 7- 15 days long.
*Shipment can take 7-60 working days.


All starts with placing an order. We are in close contact with you from very beginning to provide you with your exact desired product and design.

Do you want a customized head light or tail light for your car with your own design? No, problem. FIRST, CONTACT US.

We will look deeper into details, specifications and requirements of your order with you and we will let you know how long it will take approximately till you receive it and how much it will cost.

On our web shop, you can find some already designed products. By purchasing an item, you will place an order and we start preparing your purchased item(s) right away.

NOTE: Before purchasing any item, please check if that item is still available. Otherwise, that will take longer than you may expected till you receive your order. If you have any doubts, just contact us before placing your order.


Now, we know what exactly you want. We start with production and customizing the product. Normally, this process takes 3 up to 10 working days. For special products, it can take 3 or 4 weeks. In that case, you will be informed before you place the order.


Your ordered item(s) will be shipped to our warehouse in The Netherlands alongside other orders. Approximately, every 10 days we have a shipment. As soon as the shipment arrives to our warehouse, our colleagues start with packing and delivering your order(s).

We have customers from all over the world. Please note that the delivery time, from our warehouse in The Netherlands to your location, depends on the distance, amount/size of your ordered items and also how fast the international and local post services can deliver. That can take 2 days up to 2 weeks.

As soon as your order is ready for delivery, we will inform you and you will receive a trace number to be able to track your package.